Development variety decreases

Updated: 20th February 2020
Tags: software developing

Years ago, when I started web development, I made unique websites with HTML and CSS. Although they were not perfect but even 7 years ago they are better than most of the web designs.
Every website I've made had maximum 10-20 Kb of CSS, was extremely responsive even on large monitors, with features that were ahead of its time:
one click, change whole website theme color;
navigation, not hiding with responsiveness. It had 4 items, and it showed 4 or 2 or 1 nav item in a row according to width available.
A bit old school but hot again, gray HTML background with white background of container.

But now I use bootstrap and happy when something at least not bad. In my young age I experimented, used different techniques to achieve something I felt.
Nowadays, it seems that mood is gone.

And I think that mood gone not only for me but for all.
In the early years of the web, it was a hobby or something like that for a lot of folks.
Now it's a job and having google to serve you, having many frameworks, developers forgot how to make things. Copy-pasted stuff is all over the place, most new developers don't even try to make something before googling. Every year hobby developers count decreases and when they are gone, the moving forward will stop completely.
There are few reasons for this:
increasing complexity of websites, apps and amount of features ppl expect
fast and dirty copying and pasting after googling.