Timing is very important

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Timing is probably one of the most important thing in life. So if you come / build something first you have more chances for success.
Even if you just come first to comment youtube short / video or you are first to build some tool. Or at least second but with unique features that will be hard to copy by competitors that came before you.

Of course some can come after and build better, so timing is very important if everything +- same. In such situation who come first has huge advances.

Why social media was right to remove dislikes

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7 years ago I was thinking that the goal of removing dislikes by most major social networks was to get more interactions and “don't make people mad if they comment or post something”.

While it is still true, but it is much more adequate than having dislikes and karma system like Reddit has.

So on Reddit if you post some other opinion that people don't like you get very fast karma less than zero, and you can't comment anything. Which makes all discussions one-sided garbage.

Why you should have domain name

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In the past, I used free hosting options for my pet projects due to financial constraints, but those providers often had strange subdomains that disappeared quickly. I switched to Google App Engine, which was initially free with a .appspot.com subdomain. Nowadays, it’s still free, but you need to provide billing info, and exceeding quotas results in charges. Moving from GAE to a VPS means replacing appspot.com domains, which can be a hassle.

I recommend you to buy domain (preferably .com) from Cloudflare or Namecheap for around $10-11 per year. This way, you can create subdomains for all your projects.

Remember, having your own domain simplifies managing your projects and gives them a professional touch! 🌟

Why I use two todo apps

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Recently, I started using another to-do app. I use one app to add all my tasks, and then I select a few that I want to focus on next and copy them to the new app.

This way, I only open the new app, which has a manageable number of items, avoiding feeling overwhelmed.

Everything is a bubble

Tags: philosophy

I'm came to thought that we all are in a bubble.

For example, laravel programmers are in laravel bubble, spring - in spring, dotnet in dotnet bubble and so on.

In the end, you are either in bubble and do things,
or you are an explorer that just watches/exploring.

What is better - I don't know.

Programming is not art

Tags: philosophy software programming

People use software to make things done, and it should be reliable, fast, easy to use, predictable, smooth, etc.

Artwork is usually hard, unpredictable, have a lot of messages inside and not everyone can understand.

So stop whining that web design is the same. It is easy to use, so it copies the best patterns programmers know.

Todo apps are for your brain to free memory

Tags: memory notes

One of the great things about different to-do apps, to-do lists, or note-taking apps is that they help clear up space in your mind. You can write down your ideas or tasks and and forget the itch. So go ahead and write down that new idea or thought — you’ll free up some mental space for yourself.

If you can't choose - do nothing

Tags: phylosophy

Sometimes you have hard time to make decision. And you want to flip a coin or something, but please don't. Try to think logically, but if you still can't choose - don't do it.

When u know how to do X, u don't want to do it

Tags: philosophy

When you know everything about something, you don't want to do anything about it.

When you've mastered something completely, the desire to engage with it diminishes.

Void is perfect

Tags: philosophy

Every thing has some flaw:
if something tall, it's narrow and vice verse;
if something tall and wide, it is not small;
if it's small, it's not big.


Tags: philosophy

Why u do something
IMO, there are few reasons to do smth:

why you watch / read smth

This is what I call spiral. When you do something, you are going into spiral.

You need to make b for action a. And for action b you need to make action c.
This is similar to dependency hell, but IRL.

Alternative is void - doing nothing.
But what is better - I don't know.

Program as video file

Tags: sofware cross-platform files

I always liked images and video files. You can run it on any pc, laptop or any device. The file includes everything needed.
Why can't programs be like that? Why in 2k21 we need so much effort to make cross-platform programs, and they still are mediocre at best.
How many billion human hours wasted on this?
This has to stop.

How to choose primary color for website/app

Tags: color

If you have already brand color - use it, if not - make color configurable.

One can't make popular website

Tags: software developing

Every day, there's less individual websites that can get access.
As user's demand and expectations rise to new heights, complexity of tools rises, there's less stuff an individual can make and achieve success in numbers.
This trend is long going and IMO future is in corporate hands which is sad to see.

File is finished

Tags: files

File is complete, service is never ending eating time

We went from files to services: spotify, netflix, etc.
But this new paradigm even if better for end user in short term can make tears when service is having problems or simply shut down. Also, every service is constantly changing. For better or worse, but there is no immutability here.
Files, in contrast, are perfect examples of finished product, immutable and ready to use even when you don't have an internet connection.
I like files :)

Technology does not have problems. People do

Tags: technology people problems

There are no technology problems, - people are the problem.

Build CMS or create content - don't do both

Tags: software tips cms

I have experience in making a website something like IMDb, but of course smaller. While I was making content, I didn't develop, and it took precious time as well as enthusiasm.
And when I develop system I was distracted to add some info and while adding you want to add some more, then your time went off.

In the end, you don't have much content and your enthusiasm of developing a system fades off because of time it took to make something (because you both were building the website and adding content).

Back to files

Tags: software files

I tried a lot of apps and I want to say they all suck.
I'm going back to old school: writing in plain text in dropbox folder.
Power to files.


Tags: files

Plain text will become popular in the next decade. With parsers and hardware became more powerful, there will be less need for relational structure as is and more software will have features similar to mention with @username.

Development variety decreases

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Years ago, when I started web development, I made unique websites with HTML and CSS. Although they were not perfect but even 7 years ago they are better than most of the web designs.
Every website I've made had maximum 10-20 Kb of CSS, was extremely responsive even on large monitors, with features that were ahead of its time:
one click, change whole website theme color;
navigation, not hiding with responsiveness. It had 4 items, and it showed 4 or 2 or 1 nav item in a row according to width available.
A bit old school but hot again, gray HTML background with white background of container.

But now I use bootstrap and happy when something at least not bad. In my young age I experimented, used different techniques to achieve something I felt.
Nowadays, it seems that mood is gone.

And I think that mood gone not only for me but for all.
In the early years of the web, it was a hobby or something like that for a lot of folks.
Now it's a job and having google to serve you, having many frameworks, developers forgot how to make things. Copy-pasted stuff is all over the place, most new developers don't even try to make something before googling. Every year hobby developers count decreases and when they are gone, the moving forward will stop completely.
There are few reasons for this:
increasing complexity of websites, apps and amount of features ppl expect
fast and dirty copying and pasting after googling.