Program as video file

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I always liked images and video files. You can run it on any pc, laptop or any device. The file includes everything needed.
Why can't programs be like that? Why in 2k21 we need so much effort to make cross-platform programs, and they still are mediocre at best.
How many billion human hours wasted on this?
This has to stop.

File is finished

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File is complete, service is never ending eating time

We went from files to services: spotify, netflix, etc.
But this new paradigm even if better for end user in short term can make tears when service is having problems or simply shut down. Also, every service is constantly changing. For better or worse, but there is no immutability here.
Files, in contrast, are perfect examples of finished product, immutable and ready to use even when you don't have an internet connection.
I like files :)

Back to files

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I tried a lot of apps and I want to say they all suck.
I'm going back to old school: writing in plain text in dropbox folder.
Power to files.


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Plain text will become popular in the next decade. With parsers and hardware became more powerful, there will be less need for relational structure as is and more software will have features similar to mention with @username.