Timing is very important

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Timing is probably one of the most important thing in life. So if you come / build something first you have more chances for success.
Even if you just come first to comment youtube short / video or you are first to build some tool. Or at least second but with unique features that will be hard to copy by competitors that came before you.

Of course some can come after and build better, so timing is very important if everything +- same. In such situation who come first has huge advances.

Everything is a bubble

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I'm came to thought that we all are in a bubble.

For example, laravel programmers are in laravel bubble, spring - in spring, dotnet in dotnet bubble and so on.

In the end, you are either in bubble and do things,
or you are an explorer that just watches/exploring.

What is better - I don't know.

Programming is not art

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People use software to make things done, and it should be reliable, fast, easy to use, predictable, smooth, etc.

Artwork is usually hard, unpredictable, have a lot of messages inside and not everyone can understand.

So stop whining that web design is the same. It is easy to use, so it copies the best patterns programmers know.

When u know how to do X, u don't want to do it

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When you know everything about something, you don't want to do anything about it.

When you've mastered something completely, the desire to engage with it diminishes.

Void is perfect

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Every thing has some flaw:
if something tall, it's narrow and vice verse;
if something tall and wide, it is not small;
if it's small, it's not big.


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Why u do something
IMO, there are few reasons to do smth:

why you watch / read smth

This is what I call spiral. When you do something, you are going into spiral.

You need to make b for action a. And for action b you need to make action c.
This is similar to dependency hell, but IRL.

Alternative is void - doing nothing.
But what is better - I don't know.